01 Try these easy cooking tips and tricks​

From dealing with leftovers to making a dish appetizing, cooking tips are not just good for beginners but experts as well. So, if you are the one looking for some smart tips and tricks to make the best of it in the kitchen, try these helpful tips and tricks that will save your time, energy and make the food nutritious too.

02 Boil It

While boiling potatoes, add a pinch of salt, it helps in peeling the skin easily.

03 Soften It

Warm salt water softens the paneer and allows absorbing the gravy easily.

04 Rank in Order

Cook the ingredients in a particular order to make the dish appetizing and tasteful. For example onions should be added first, then garlic and then ginger and tomato as each veggie has its own cooking time.

05 Green Peas

Add sugar before you boil the peas to retain the bright green color.

06 Dal Delight

Add a little oil while cooking dal to avoid frothing.

07 Avoid Burn

Heavy bottom pan helps in preventing food from burning.

08 Crunchy and Crispy

Rava can actually make the puris crunchy and crispy. Add 2-3 tbsp while kneading the dough.

09 No String Attached

Cold and hot water treatment helps in separating thin noodles and pasta.

10/11Fresh and Tasty

Steam helps in restoring moisture content of day-old muffins.

11 Drop It

Add oil to make the melted chocolate smooth and easy to drizzle.


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